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Advanced Carbon Division



"Advanced Carbon" differentiates from traditional carbon materials, mainly referring to carbonaceous materials with novel structural characteristics and excellent physical and chemical properties,such as carbon nanotubes,carbon nanofibers,fullerenes,mesoporous carbon,high performance graphite and their composite materials.The Advanced Carbon Division research mainly focused on the study of synthesis,properties, and applications of quasi-one dimensional nanostructured carbons and their composites, and very recently, our research interest also extends to other low-dimension nanostructures, such as AlN nanorods and BN nanotubes. In order to lead technological innovations in sustainable development of energy and environment protection, the division has also started new projects to investigate novel hydrogen storage materials with high capacity, and novel photochemically active materials for high efficiency solar energy and photocatalytic processes.

Research Groups

  1. Synthesis and Properties of Carbon Nanotubes(Leader: Dr. Chang LIU)
  2. Application of High-performance Carbon Materials (Leader: Dr. Shuo BAI)
  3. Exploration of New Hydrogen Storage Materials(Leader: Dr. Ping WANG)
  4. Nanostructured Materials for Clean Energy(Leader: Dr. Feng LI/ Hong-tao CONG)

 Research Areas

  1. Synthesis and application exploration of carbon nanotubes and their composites.
  2. Applications of novel materials in clean energy field(energy storage and solar energy application).
  3. Investigation of new hydrogen storage materials.
  4. Structure-property relationship of high-performance carbon materials.


Division Head
Prof. Hui-ming CHENG