The Engineering Alloys Division concerns itself with the improvement of traditional materials. New ideas, methods and technologies are being developed based on a thorough understanding of the composition-processing-microstructure-properties relationship, and are being applied to improve both mechanical and functional properties of these alloys, with a view to increasing their robustness and extending their application. Current emphases include computation of fundamental properties of transition metals and intermetallic compounds, alloying theory and materials design, alloys for biomedical and multifunctional use, technical basis of single crystal growth  as well as the deformation behaviour of alloys with unusual elastic properties.



  1. Novel multi-functional alloys
  2. Computation & design of engineering alloys
  3. Solidification and crystal growth of superalloys


Dr Rui Yang
Dr Yulin Hao
Dr Qingmiao Hu
Dr Jian Zhang
Dr Shujun Li
Mr Mingtu Jia

Graduate Students
Students from novel multi-functional alloys group
Students from computation & design of engineering alloys alloys group
Students from solidification and crystal growth of superalloys group

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Dr Rui Yang
Tel: 024 2389 3831
Fax: 024 2389 1320

• PhD, University of Cambridge, England (1992)
• MSc, Institute of Metal Research CAS, China (1987)
• BSc, Wuhan Institute of Hydraulic & Electric Engineering, China (1984)