1. Novel multi-functional alloys group
The group investigates the multi-functional properties of beta-type titanium alloys. By alloying with transitional metal and simple metal elements, the obtained materials exhibit unusual properties, such as high strength / low elastic modulus combination that is desired by biomedical implant applications, as well as superelasticity and a high damping capacity. Novel deformation mechanisms that allow rapid grain refinement of these alloys to nano-grained structures during cold working are also being studied.

Group Members
Staff: Yulin Hao, Shujun Li, Mingtu Jia.
Ph. D. student: Caiyun Zheng, Edward Gaubtleet Obbard, Fengqi Hou, Siqian Zhang, Yun Bai, Yanwei Zhang.
M.Sc. student: Meilin Dai, Xihan Wang, Zhenbo Zhang.
Graduated students (former members): Shuying Sun, Tiancheng Cui, Xiaojie Tao.

Areas of Research
Biomedical alloys with high mechanical and biochemical compatibility
Superelasticity and damping properties of titanium alloys
Preparation of ultrahigh strength bulk nanostructured titanium alloys

Group Leader
Dr Yulin HAO
Tel: 024 83978841
Fax: 024 2390 2021
E-mail: ylhao@imr.ac.cn

• PhD, Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China (1999)
• MSc, Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China (1996)
• BSc, Jilin University, China (1993)

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