Research Topic

 Li Wang
Tel: +49 9131 85-27523

BSc, Liaoning Institute of Technology (2000)
MSc, Northeast University (2004)
Visiting Student, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan (2003)
Her research topic is focused on the recrystallization behavior of DS and SX superalloys.
PhD (jointly supervised with the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)

Dong Wang
Tel: 024-83970230

BSc, Shenyang University   Technology (2002)
MSc, Shenyang University   Technology (2005)
His work is based on a 2nd generation DS alloy developed in our group, working on the role of Re during heat treatment, long term aging and creep, and trying to pinpoint new strengthening mechanisms of this element in DS alloys.

Yuzhang Lu
Tel: 024-23970230

BSc, Shenyang University   Technology (2005)
His work focuses on the optimization of processing parameters of the liquid metal cooling technique. The effects of withdrawal rate, mould temperature and baffle configuration on formation of stray grains are being investigated with the help of numerical simulation.

Lianyu Zhao
Tel: 024-23971276

BSc, Shandong University    (2007)
He works on the formation mechanism of low angle grain boundaries in single crystal castings, trying to identify  methods to optimize the single crystal structure.

Graduate students from the solidification and crystal growth of superalloys group

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