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Solid Atomic Imaging Division
    Founded in the end of 1950s by Prof. K. H. Kuo, the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy has made remarkable achievements in the past five decades. Research highlights include: determined long-periodicity structures by lattice imaging in SiC and intermetallic compounds; discovered a series of metal oxides and proposed a technique for light atoms imaging; found numerous new phases and their domain structures in tetrahedrally close-packed phases by high resolution imaging, electron diffractions and computational simulations; identified metastable structures in nonequilibrium alloys and, structures of nonstoichiometric metal oxides, catalysts and new minerals; discovered five-fold symmetry and afterward icosahedral quasi-crystals.   

    The Laboratory of Atomic Imaging of Solids was founded in 1985. And after the establishment of Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science (SYNL) in 2001, the atomic imaging of solids became one of the 8 research divisions in SYNL. It is worthwhile to mention that the academic leaders from the three generations in this laboratory, Profs. K. H. Kuo, H. Q. Ye, and Z. Zhang were elected as academicians of Chinese Academy of Science in 1980, 1991 and 2001, respectively. And all of them were awarded the Science and Technology Progress Prize of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation.

    Up to date, the laboratory has completed more than 80 national projects. It has been honored six National Natural Science Prizes and four ISI Citation Classic Awards . The laboratory has also received 15 other awards from Chinese Academy of Sciences and some ministries of China . It is one of the important bases in the field of electron microscopy in China .