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Surface, interface and structure of defects in materials play important roles in determining physical, chemical and mechanical properties of materials. With the development of advanced materials, nanotechnology, information technology and molecular biology toward nanoscale in structure and intelligence in performance, macroscopic properties and features of materials depend not only on synthesis processes, but also on ultrafine microstructure at atomic and molecular scale. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate microstructure of materials at nano and atomic scales.
In Solid Atomic Imaging Division, new experimental and computational methods are developed and microstructures of advanced materials as well as structure-property relationships are investigated deeply by using atomic-scale experimental observations and multi-scale computational simulations.

       Recently, the research field in the Solid Atomic Imaging Division was focused on:
1) Microstructures and its effect on properties in advanced materials
2) The effect of external field on microstructures and properties in materials
3) Computational materials science
4) Development and application of new method for characterization of microstructure at atomic scale