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The research activities of High-performance Ceramic Division are focused on multi-scale structured designs and processing of high-temperature structured ceramic and composites.  Especially ternary carbide, nitride and oxide ceramics that has a unique combination of properties including damage tolerance, easy machinability, resistance to high-temperature oxidation and thermal shock, ,high strength and modulus, good electrical and thermal conductivity.  We are interested in understanding the effect of electric structure, crystal and microstructures on the properties of these materials, developing low-cost novel methods for the preparation of bulk and low-dimensioned (powders and thin film) materials.  Investigating the fatigue behavior under static, dynamic and cyclic load, as well as the thermal/chemical stability of ceramic and composites.



Professor Zhou was elected as Fellows of the ACerS......07/14/2010)

Professor Zhou received the "Global Star Award"......((03/04/2010)

ICDD award for significant contribution of new XRD patterns ....(03/04/2010) 

New papers during 2010 (06/30/2010)

Prof. Yanchun ZHOU visited   CEA at Saclay during June 2-3.... (06/18/2010) 

Prof. Yanchun ZHOU attended " 12th International Ceramics Congress" .....  (06/18/2010)



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