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 Modeling and Simulation

32 CPU(Xeon quad-core)PC Cluster

HP 4 CPU rx4640 work station

SGI Fuel & O2 Work Station

8 CPU(Inter Itanium) Server


Materials Preparation

Double-chamber Sintering Furnace

High-temperature Hot Pressing Sintering Furnace

High-temperature Hot Pressing Sintering Furnace

Microwave Sintering Furnace

Cold Isostatic Pressing Machine

Multic-arc Iron Plating

Glove Box

Magnetron Sputtering System

CNC Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machine

Ion Beam Milling Instrument


Evaluation and Characterization

Thermal/Mechanical Simulation System

High-temperature Dynamic Young's Modulus Measurment System

High-temperature Creep Machine

Tribological Machine

Atomic Force Microscope

Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Friction and Wear Tester

Microhardness Tester

Film Strength Instrument

Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer

Impedance Anlyzer

Flurescence Spectrometer

Profile Meter

Optical Dilatometer

Acoustic and Electroacoustic Spectrometer

Battery Testing System

Advanced Electrochemical Workstation

High-temperature Thermal Analyzer(TG/DSC/TMA)

High-temperature Thermal Analyzer(2400oC)





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