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Prof. Dr. F.R. de Boer, Van der Waals - Zeeman Institute, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Granted by the Dutch Ministry of Sciences and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences since 1983.

Prof. Dr. R. Grössinger, Institute for Experimental Physics, Technical University of Vienna, Austria. Granted by the OAD and the Ministry of Sciences and Technology of China since 1995.

Prof. Dr. D.J. Sellmyre, Department of Physics, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, USA. Granted by the National Sciences Foundation (NSF) and the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China since 1998.

Prof. Dr. Jian-Guo Zheng, Electron Probe Instrumentation Center (EPIC), Northwestern University, USA, Group cooperation since 1999

Prof. Dr. C.L. Chen, Taxes Center for Superconductivity, University of Houston, Houston, USA, Group cooperation since 2000.

Dr. S. Busbridge, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Brighton, England. Group cooperation since 1997.

Dr. B.H. Kim, Korea Institute of Mechanical and Materials, Korea, Group cooperation since 1999.

Prof. Dr. Ashot Markosyan, Moscow National University, Russia, Group cooperation since 2000.

Prof. Dr. Ivan Skorvanek, Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia, Group cooperation since 2000.

Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Division, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science(SYNL),
Institute of Metal Research (IMR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Wenhua Road 72, Shenyang, P.R.China. 110016