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At the beginning of 1980's,Prof.Dr. Zhuang Yu-zhi and Prof. Wu Chang-heng initiated to turn the directions of the 8th Departments from the alloys with high melting points, alloys' phase diagram to the structure and magnetic properties of rare-earth - transition-metal intermetallics. In 1986, Prof. Dr.Sun Xiao-kai established formally the Department of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, after returning from the Technical University of Wien where he received his Ph.D degree. Dr. Zhang Zhi-dong began to be in charge of the department in 1991.Several national projects, such as National Natural Science Funds, 863 projects, and other projects from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liaoning province and Shenyang city, have been accomplished. The directions of the department have been developed to be rare-earth permanent magnets, giant magnetostrictive materials, giant magnetoresistence, magnetic nanoparticles/nanocapsules, magnetic thin films, application of magnetic materials. The cooperation relations with more than ten institutes/universities in American, Netherlands, Austria, England, Italy, Korea, Russia and Slovakia, etc. Several national prices have been awarded (the third class of the National Awards for Advances in Sciences and Technology, China, 1996. "Application Research of the Magnetic-Treatment Technology in DaQing Oilfields". The third class of the National Awards for Natural Sciences, China,1995, "Structure and Magnetic Properties of ternary Fe-based Rare - Earth -Transition-Metal Compounds". The fourth class of the National Awards for Natural Sciences, China,1988, "Structure and Magnetic Properties of Rare - Earth -Transition-Metal Compounds".) 18 patents have been received. Since 1980, more than 500 papers have been published in international journals. The Department of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials was combined with the department of Materials Physics in 1997,selected to enter the Northeast New Materials Development Base in 1999, the Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science in 2001. The Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Division have three groups: 1) Rare-earth permanent magnets group, 2) Magnetism and new magnetic materials group, 3).Ferroelectric Materails

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